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5 Tips To Increase Your Productivity When Working From Home

5 Tips to Increase Your Productivity When Working From Home

Working from home can be an incredible blessing for both you and your family, however its important that you remember the first word in that phrase – WORK from home.  We can sometimes become so blinded by the flexibility of working on our own schedule, that we either forget to get the work done, or we’re distracted by outside forces.  Here are some tips to help ensure you are still getting your WORK done from home and optimizing your productivity:

  1. Set a schedule – just like you would in a work setting, schedule in your work time to ensure you are putting in the hours required to meet your goals. Distractions are a-plenty at home, so ensuring you’re consciously setting aside time to get your work done will ensure its completed.
  2. Set daily goals – whether it’s a to-do list, a CRM that catalogs all your daily, weekly or monthly tasks, or your business plan leading the way, ensure you put aside specific time to tackle high priority tasks on your list and ensure optimal productivity.
  3. Create boundaries with family members – friends and family often think since we’re home, we’re available! Talk to them about your schedule and ensure you are not disturbed when working.
  4. Create a dedicated office space – it doesn’t necessarily need to be its own room, but putting aside a small space, just for you to work in, creates boundaries for family members and can help channel your creativity when in that space.
  5. Schedule (short) breaks! Ensure you are giving yourself breaks throughout the day to keep your energy and creativity flowing!  Go for a walk, head to the kitchen for a (healthy) snack, or throw a load of laundry in!
  6. Change your view! Sometimes moving your office to another room, outside or to a nearby coffee shop for a few hours can shake up your creativity and energy.

By employing these strategies, you are not only accomplishing the work that needs to be done to keep you on the path to success, but also heading towards fully enjoying the freedom that comes with working from home.  Enjoy the journey!



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